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Water based low resin solids roof tile primer which is specifically designed for heavily Oxidised concrete roofing tiles.

This product is designed to neutralise the powdery tile surface so once cleaned, the original tiles colour does not re-oxidise causing the new application to lift & fail.


Is very much the same as Nu-Prime but is higher in resin solids, which basically means it’s thicker. This product is relatively new & is designed for inconsistent tiles surfaces where the existing colour is powdery in most areas of the roof but not all. This product will neutralise the oxidised tiles on the roof & fill the very porous tiles as well. This product is extremely flexible & tough & will provide maximum penetration. What a product.

GP Primer

Is water based & very high is resin solids sealer product, which means very thick.
This product is a great filler coat for very porous concrete roof tiles & has amazing adhesion capabilities & will take to very new tiles where there is little to no oxidisation evident.

Master Sealer

Is a water base primer sealer which is designed for stable porous concrete roof tiles where there is pretty much no existing colour left in the tiles.

This product is high in resin solids, which simply means thicker, & will act as a filler coat for porous tiles & has good adhesion capabilities & is durable.

Anti-Corrosive Metal Primer

Anti-Corrosive metal primer is an acrylic coating which demonstrates exceptional adhesion on a range of substrates including metal and masonry surfaces. The coating provides good chemical resistance, weatherability and ease of application by brush, roller or airless spray.

Australia’s best single pack acrylic metal roof primer.

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