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Roof Repairs Done Right

Roof Repairs for Major Roofing Issues Needs a Professional

You will sometimes need to do Roof repairs before roof cleaning or roof painting. If you’re thinking of having your roof tiles cleaned or re-painted, it’s important to ensure that your roof is inspected. We will address and repair any issues beforehand.

Even when you’re not cleaning or recoating, it’s wise to have a professional roofer inspect your roof to see if there are any repairs needed.

Just because you can’t see a leak coming into your home, doesn’t mean that one doesn’t exist. Getting your roof checked once every 3 – 5 years is a wise idea to ensure there is no hidden issue that will cost you dearly in the long term.

What we Do and Don’t Do

We get quite busy all year around. As a result, we cannot take on all roof repairs which come our way. Usually, we will only take on the bigger jobs which we can see need our level of expertise.

So, our team usually doesn’t take on any small roof repairs. The larger jobs are where we thrive and make a difference.

Our Price Point

We are not the cheapest in the roofing industry, nor do you want to deal with the cheapest! Your roof is no small game. It’s an important part of your life which remains unthought-of until it becomes a problem.

We are fairly priced with the ethos of under-promising and over-delivering.

We don’t really need a digital marketing agency. In short, a happy customer is our greatest marketing strategy. A happy customer doesn’t cost us any extra. We invest our heart and soul into our work. As a result, we ensure that your roof is treated like our own.

Do you think you need Roof Repairs?

We are one of the best Roofing companies in Sydney. We have no fear in saying so after 20 years in the industry. With Alan’s Roof Restoration you can rely on our promise that you won’t be treated like a number, you will be treated like a human being who has value.

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