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Roof Painting

Roof Painting and Roof Coating are the same thing. You can reseal and repaint your concrete tiled roof. However, you need to ensure quality products are used correctly.

I receive inquiries from people each day saying that they had their roof painted and it began to peel off.

You can rarely fix problems like this. So we urge our potential customers to organise a free inspection with us. And ultimately receive an honest opinion and prevent any further issues.

Tileflex 2000

Is a great roof tile coating & has the unique self-cleaning Nanotechnology. Unlike most roof tile coatings, TILEFLEX 2000 does not soften under the harsh Australian heat, therefore, will not attract pollution or dust to its surface, which will cause colour fading.

TILEFLEX  is a great long-lasting product & has performed well over the past 11 years & comes in all colours.


Is a base roof tile coating that has been on the market now for 30 plus Years. NUFLEX is a standard roof coating which is similar to most other roof coatings but is still made here in Australia at the same factory as TILEFLEX , which means it stile comes with the quality control that our customers can expect.

This product is cheaper & has performed well for many years.

Available Colours

We have 36 colours to choose from & also have the ability to colour match where requires.

Colours are representative of actual product colours.

The appearance may vary subject to surface conditions. Colour match service available.

See below for a sample of available colours.

roof painting
roof painting
roof painting

Roof Painting Products

The reality is that a good coating or paint product will fail if it’s not applied correctly. Old, rough, porous concrete roof tiles require a different form of coating/paint application. Different than say a tile that is not very old, with the existing colour still evident.

roof painting

Concrete roof tiles generate a lot of surface heat, for example, on a 30-degree day the roof tiles generate about 120 degrees of surface temperature and as a result, any coating/paint application will take a hammering. The coating/paint application is considered a mechanical application. This simply means that the coating is trying to hold onto the surface of the tiles. And as it heats up it wants to let go, which is why it’s so important to ensure a proper application is used.

I have had many years of experience. Over that time I have used various products from a variety of coating/paint manufactures. My experience tells me that using a sealer application that suites the tiles surface condition is very important. Also, the other important thing is to ensure that a coating/paint application is applied using the correct film thickness. This will allow for expansion and contraction of the application.

At Alan’s Roof Restoration we can help you with Roof Replacement, Roof Restoration, Roof Cleaning, Roof Painting and Even major Roof Repairs. You can be sure we won’t let you down after more than 40 years in the roofing industry.

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