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Roof Cleaning

Roof cleaning involves the high-pressure cleaning of a Terracotta or Concrete roof tile surface.

roof cleaning

We usually perform Roof Cleaning to remove visible moss and lichen. Terracotta tiles are made from natural clay which is a moist material.

The surface of most roof tiles attracts moss and lichen. If left to itself, it will continue to grow. It will most likely restrict the flow of rainwater over the surface of the tiles. In turn, restricting the flow of water into the roofs gutters.

How is it done?

Firstly, we apply an environmentally friendly anti-fungal solution to all the moss and or lichen. So, we always do this before we start our cleaning process.

Usually, we clean concrete roof tiles with the intention of re-sealing and re-painting their surface. Meanwhile, in the past, there have been various makers of Concrete or Cement roofing tiles. However, some have performed very well whilst others have performed poorly. In short, causing more issues than wanted for homeowners.

What Makes Us Different?

Our business name is “Alan’s” Roof Restoration. Alan has been in the business for over 20 years servicing clients all over Sydney. You don’t stay in business for that long if you are doing the wrong thing!

Alan noticed there was a ‘best practice’ for each of the roofing services he performed for clients. So, in order to deliver the best results every time Alan has systemised his best practice.

Our roof cleaning service is no different. So, we follow Alan’s highest standards to the letter. As a result, we receive most of our work from ‘word of mouth’ referrals.

Many companies are paying a lot of money to Google Ads for sales leads. As a result, their clients are the ones who end up footing that bill.

We love that we have become a talking point for our clients. In short, new customers are constantly referred to us by others we have done work for.

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