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Polycarbonate Roofing

Polycarbonate roofing is awesome. You may have a patio area or a shelter from the rain which still lets in ample light. Either way, we have you covered with the highest quality polycarbonate roofing on the market.

Three types of Polycarbonate Roofing

There are three types of polycarbonate roofing sheets. These are Corrugated, Greca and Trimdek. These are just different patterns in the way the polycarbonate roofing is bent and shaped.

polycarbonate roofing

Don’t just get a simple roof restoration – renew it all!

When getting your roof restoration or a New Roof installation, we tend to ensure that any add-on products or services have specially built-in discounts. By doing this we reward our customers when they allow us to take their roof restoration to the next level.

There is nothing worse for us than seeing a half restored roof. The main roof is done and looking amazing. However, the patio looks like it was dragged out of a swamp and isnt letting light into the area that so badly needs it.

The Same Care With A Great Price

Alan is very dedicated to his roof restorations. In fact, he would rather lose money and keep his reputation then make money and get a bad name. As a result, you can be assured that when you decide to get polycarbonate roofing alongside your roof restoration you will get a great price to make it worth every cent. Not only that but he will use the right materials to ensure your home looks fantastic.

There is no trick to this, Alan just looks after his customers and they, in turn, always refer work on to him! The equation is simple. High-quality products combined with a knowledgeable installer result in a beautiful house with a roof that lasts for many many years to come.

So, call us today, book in your special appointment with Alan and find out how he can leverage his industry experience to give you the perfect roof!

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