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Gutters should be replaced at the same time as your roof

Your New Roof will look better with new gutters

gutter replacement

Let’s face it, a new roof looks wrong with an old gutter. To make the most out of your new roof project the gutters need to be replaced at the same time.

From the look of your house to the functionality of the gutter system and its routing of water, the gutters of your house are extremely important.

At Alan’s Roof Restoration we love the look of a fresh roof with clean new gutters. We also love to help our clients get the most out of their roofing investment. So we also offer affordable pricing on replacements when our customers are replacing their roof.

Gutter Replacement is a Safety Must-Do!


At Alan’s Roof Restoration we use only the best guttering products for our new gutter installations. However, we also use the same high-quality products when doing a gutter replacement on its own!

Over time your gutters will slowly collect debris from rain and storms. Debris in the form of dead leaves and dirt will get stuck in your gutters. This will start clogging them and eventually leading to rusted gutters.

Replacing them at the same time as replacing your roof is a must. Besides the fact that your guttering will need replacing over time anyway, its best to get it done alongside your roof.

When your gutters choc up with leaves like this its also a very big fire hazard which could end up costing you a house! Literally! Losing a house and contents can be soul-destroying. Losing your loved ones or pets alongside that is heartbreaking and life-changing.

Gutter Guards, Leaf Guards and Leaf Stoppers

gutter guards

There are a few answers to this issue, you can always clean the gutters once a month and make sure they stay clear. But who really has the time for that?

The best answer to the rusted gutter problem is using a Gutter Guard, also knows as leaf guards or leaf stoppers. These are a lot cheaper than having to regularly replace your gutters!

By using gutter guards you are giving yourself the best chance at a long life for your guttering system. These guards or stoppers keep leaves from clogging your roofing system.

As a result, dirt doesn’t bank up in or on the leaves and water flow remains continuous. As a result of this, the water flowing from your roof in rainy times will not stagnate and product rust.

Quality You Can Depend On

lead guard

With every product and service offered by Alan’s roof restoration, we maintain our promise of high-quality products. These products are installed by seasoned professionals who have industry experience. Our methods are systemised and ready to replicate on every job. So that we get the same outstanding result every time – without any horror stories.

Call our office today and you may be lucky enough to speak to Alan himself and find out why you should look no further for your roofing services.

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