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Roof Installation

Get a Professional to do your Roof Installation

roof installation

Roof installation must be done correctly by someone with lots of experience. That’s why we receive so much work through referrals from previous customers.

When you install a new roof the wrong way it can lead to nightmarish results over the coming years.

Installation Nightmares Happen!

There are too many roof installation nightmare stories out there. In fact, we have heard our fair share of these stories. We constantly get called on to do a Roof Restoration on jobs which were not done right the first time.

It’s The Installers’ Fault – if you Can Find Them!

One of the common themes we come across is a homeowner who received a great deal on their roof installation. Then to find out a few years down the track that it had been done by a dodgy operator who was no longer in business.

At that point, the homeowner just has to wear the results and look for a professional roofer to fix the problem for them. Which is costly!

Protect Yourself From a Botched Roof Installation

The stress that comes with a botched roof installation is not worth the saving you made in the first place. As a homeowner, you need to protect yourself from this type of problem.

You need to check out the history of the person you are dealing with. How long have they been in the industry and how many roof installations have they done? Search Government websites and research their business ensuring they have a history.

Alan, from Alan’s Roof Restoration, has been in the game for over 20 years! So his knowledge in all aspects of roofing will keep you out of trouble. He will ensure that your roof is built using the best materials and installed correctly.

We Don’t Just Do Roof Installation – We Fix Other Peoples Roof Installations!

So much of the work we get is to do major roof repairs. Repairs of other roof installations which have been done badly. Consequently, there has been a massive cost to the homeowner in the way of property damage.

Don’t end up with the same regrets as many do. Make sure you research your Roof Installer before handing over any money or you may regret it!

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