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Roof Replacement, Restoration, Cleaning, Painting or Major Repairs

We pride ourselves on quality, workmanship and service. Alan’s Roof Restoration has been providing services direct to the homeowners of Sydney for many years. We understand our customer’s needs and always deliver on our commitments. This ethos has helped us become a leader in the Roof Restoration & Roof Replacement industry today.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy has always been to be open and honest with our customers. Giving them an understanding of the services we deliver. And also what they should expect from the jobs we undertake. We inform clients of what they won’t get and why they won’t get it. As a result, our customers can make their decision based on facts, not sales jargon.

About Alan

Alan Schultheis has worked in the roofing industry for over 40 years. He has been involved with some of the leading roofing companies around Australia. He is known by builders and other tradesmen alike as an authority on all things roofing. Alan is also known as a reliable and trustworthy ally in business. His ‘shoot from the hip’ attitude gives his clients and strategic partners the confidence to deal with him without worrying about stress.

Roof Restoration

“My basic philosophy has been to be open and honest with customers. I tell them what they are going to get from us and what they should expect from the jobs I deliver. I also tell them what they won’t get and why they won’t get it; This way my customers can make their decision based on facts, not sales bull.”

Avoiding The Expensive Roof Pain

The reality is, I have seen too many dodgy individuals and companies come and go over the years. Consequently, they leave customers completely dissatisfied. Even today, I see signs on telegraph poles quoting “Roof Restoration $1450.00”. But I know it’s not viable to deliver a quality job for that price or trust me I would.

I get calls every day from people who have had a job done and are now having problems with it. Chances are they can’t get the person or company back to fix it, normally because they are no longer in business. When I go out to have a look at the problem it’s normally very difficult and at times can be impossible to fix.

Dont Take The Cheapest Option – EVER!

The key to getting a good job done in the roofing industry is to never that the cheapest quote – ever. The professionals who are good at what they do are also very invested in their own long term success. As a result they wont risk taking the kind of shortcuts that lead to long term catastrophes.

When a roofer is doing the job properly you will find that the cost of products is higher. And the time taken to get the job done will be a little longer. You really do want to make sure you have someone who cares working on your roof. The last thing you need is a failed project.

Not Every Roof Will Benefit!

I think the other important issue that needs to be understood is that not all roofs will benefit from a repair or restoration, either because they are too old or may have been badly installed/repaired at some point in the past. If I find this is the case, I advise our customers that it should be replaced and let them know exactly why. We quote accordingly, which is important for ensuring my customers don’t waste money on a roof that’s not worth it.

So if you’re looking for an honest, qualified tradesman than please don’t hesitate to contact me.



Roof Restoration process basically involves the Cleaning – Repairing – Re-sealing & Re-Painting / Re-Colouring of Concrete roofing tiles. Faded Colourbond roofs & un-glazed Terracotta roofs may also benefit from this application.


If you are thinking of having your roof tiles cleaned/re-coated, it is extremely important to ensure that your roof is inspected, and any repairs that may be required are addressed at that time.


Roof Replacement is commonly referred to as Re-Roofing, and typically involves the process of removing existing roof tiles or colorbond steel, and replacing with new tiles or colorbond steel, battens and sarking whilst your house is being lived in.

Coating and Painting

The overused terms “Coating & Painting” of roofs basically mean the same thing. If your concrete tiled roof can be re-sealed and coated, then it’s just a matter of ensuring a quality product is used to the correct specifications.

Please note, we do not fix leaks. Details about what work we carry out, and the procedures we use, are located on this website.

If you do contact us in the case of a roof leak, you will be charged an $80 call out fee




Your home and family are your biggest assets. Give them and yourself the piece of mind of a the protection of a Shield roof.


All materials are disposed of in the most environmentally methods possible. We have children and grandchildren too.


We have several teams that can finish jobs large and small in a timely manner. Leaving you with minimum downtime and hassle.


We have state of the art claims filing assistance as well as digital roofing design software to give accurate cost estimates and the fastest tunraround times.


A roof designed by our roofing professionals can change the appearnace and increase your home’s value. Don’t let Johnny with a truck and ladder design your next roofing project.


If you’re not 100% satisified with our work, we will make it right. That’s our promise to you. Our business thrives on your good word and referrals.

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