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What is Roof Restoration?

The Roof Restoration process basically involves the Cleaning – Repairing – Re-sealing & Re-Painting / Re-Colouring of Concrete roofing tiles. Faded Colourbond roofs & un-glazed Terracotta roofs may also benefit from this application.

For Concrete roof tiles, the Roof Restoration process is designed to stop or slow the process of roof tile surface deterioration. After a few Years from being installed, your roof tiles will begin to Oxidize & go powdery. Over time the oxide powder will soil in & around your gutters & restrict the flow of water & even limit your gutters life. Once the tiles original coating has left the tile surface the tile will then begin to suffer from surface erosion.

Surface erosion involves the pitting of the sand cement component of your tiles which simply means that the surface is at a more advanced state of deterioration.

Alan’s Roof Restoration has been in the business of restoring roof for the past for 40 Years.

Alan’s Roof Restoration treats every roof individually, I have sealers & coating to suit a variety of roof tile & metal roof surfaces from very old to fairly new.

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Concrete Roof Tiles are normally only cleaned where the intention is to re-seal & re-paint/coat the roof tiles surface after.

There have been various makers of Concrete/Cement roofing tiles over the years. Some have performed very well & others have performed poorly.

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Terracotta Roof Tiles are normally cleaned to have the moss & lichen removed. Terracotta tiles are made from natural clay which is a naturally a moist material. Moss & Lichen is attracted to the roof tiles surface & if left will grow & most likely restrict the flow of rain water over the tiles surface into the roofs gutters.

An application of an environmentally friendly anti-fungal solution should be applied to all moss & lichen prior to undertaking the roof cleaning process.

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