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Roof Replacement

Roof Replacement is commonly referred to as re-roofing. This typically involves the process of removing existing roof tiles and replacing any new roof tile, colourbond roofing, battens, heavy duty sarking and blanket insulation, whilst you are still living in your house. The Re-Roofing process is very different to the more simple application of a ‘supply and fix of new tiles’ to a new home.

With a new home, no one is living inside the house, the surrounding gardens and landscaping have not been undertaken and the ceilings and internal fixtures have not been installed; so at that time there is nothing that can be damaged in the process.

With Re-Roofing, the roof needs to be kept water tight at all times to ensure your belongings and all internal fixtures are kept safe. Your gardens and landscaped areas are important to us, and also need to be protected as best they can. This is why it is important for you to get a Re-Roofing specialist to undertake this work, and who else better than Alan’s Roof Restoration! I have been Re-Roofing for over 20 years and I understand what needs to be done to get the best possible results.

In some cases, it’s not always possible, or there would be little benefit, in restoring or repairing your roof. This may be due to its age, a bad job done previously or some other undetected defect. Replacing an old roof with new one will give you piece of mind, a fresh look and will help ensure that your money is not wasted on something with little benefit.

My Re-Roof and Replacement service will guarantee you get a first class, long term result that will save you money for the future, and will provide your home with a much needed face lift, along with increasing your properties value.

Alan’s Roof Restoration has replaced roofs all across Sydney. The following is a basic scope of works for replacing a roof:

  • Supply & erect a proper works safety system where required, as per Work Cover Legislation.
  • Strip off all existing roofing tiles/panels and completely remove all from site.
  • Re-set out all rafters for new tile battens and tile sizes, to ensure tiles/panels can be fitted accordingly.
  • Supply and fix new roof Sarking to the entire roof area, in accordance with safety measures.
  • Supply and fix new soft wood timber battens (28 x 38mm) to the entire roof area.
  • Supply and fix new valley irons to existing valley boards (Colourbond).
  • Fix anti-ponding boards and anti-flap pads where required (this may not be required).
  • Supply and fix new roofing tiles/panels to the entire roof area, in a selected colour/profile, in accordance with manufactures recommendations/guidelines.
  • Fix new flashings to penetrations where required/re-dress existing flashings, if required.
  • Supply and fix ridge capping tiles/panels to all hips and mains, using the Flexi-point Ridge Security system or other selected material. Weeps holes should be fitted to all short course or flat through profile tiles.
  • Clean up and remove all related residues from site.
  • A final works inspection is to be undertaken prior to final payment.


A System that Works!

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