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Roof Painting

Tileflex 2000

Is a great roof tile coating & has the unique self-cleaning Nano technology. Unlike most roof tile coatings TILEFLEX 2000 does not soften under the harsh Australian heat therefore will not attract pollution or dust to it’s surface, which will cause colour fading.

TILEFLEX  is a great long lasting product & has performed well over the past 11 years & comes in all colours. Also drink safe.


Is a base roof tile coating that has been on the market now for 30 plus Years. NUFLEX is a standard roof coating which is similar to most other roof coatings but is still made here in Australia at the same factory as TILEFLEX , which means it stile comes with the quality control that our customers can expect.

This product is cheaper & has performed well for many years.

Available Roof Painting Colour

We have 36 colours to choose from & also have the ability to colour match where requires.

Colours are representative of actual product colours.

The appearance may vary subject to surface conditions. Colour match service available.

See below for a sample of available colours.

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