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If your roof is being cleaned & or restored, it would be best to replace your gutters after the cleaning & before repairs & or painting.

If your roof is being replaced, it would be best to replace the gutters prior or at the least, before the roof is completed. This will ensure our roofers are last off the roof ensuring there are no repairs left incomplete as a result of the gutter replacement.

Just ask me and I will advise you regarding your gutters.

Leaf Guards

The reality is that most leaf guard systems do not work as well as they are promoted. With all my Years of experience I have found that the leaf guard mesh system is the best for the job of keeping leaved out of gutters & valleys.

The mesh system is not cheap but does do the job well as long as it’s installed correctly.

leaf guard mesh comes in a variety of colour to best match your gutter & roof material.

Roof Vents

When it comes to roof tiles & ventilation, tiled roofs without Sarking do tend to allow the roof to vent more efficiently than most other roofing materials.

Although roof Sarking is designed to deflect the heat a tile generates, tiled roofs with Sarking can trap the heat generated by surrounding walls & windows which may get trapped in the roof cavity space. Roof ventilators may help to reduce this problem.

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